Snak Control

The first thing you should always do is to stay calm & collected, then take two big steps away from the snake.

• Do not run. If you are not calm & running away, you are more likely to trip and fall and cause damage to yourself.
• Do not approach the snake for any reason. Do not try to hurt, kill, move, or photograph the snake. Back up and give it plenty of space so that everyone feels safer.
• Call a professional to remove the snake & relocate it to a safe, appropriate habitat. Our hotline number for snake calls & removal is 0503844383 . for any snake call
• Even nonvenomous snakes can bite. We always say anything with a mouth can bite. Treat all snakes (and all animals for that matter) with respect and distance and you are going to be okay.
• Prevention is priority! Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe and you will be prepared for any situation, including rattlesnakes in your yard.

Here are some tips for keeping your yard or home as snake-free as possible:

• Keep grass trimmed so that it is too short for snakes to hide in.
• Keep yard free of debris, including wood piles, litter, etc.
• Wear heavy work gloves when working outside.
• Make sure all opening, including foundation cracks, AC's, exhaust fans, etc. are closed and/or sealed.
• Pay attention to where you place your hands and feet at all times.
• Wear shoes when outside and at night, especially in situations that could involve a hiding snake, such as moving a garbage can or lawnmower.
• Before beginning any garden projects, use a rake to make sure the area is clear of all snakes before putting your hands into an area where a snake could be hiding.
• These tips will help you be safe and coexist with our native snake inhabitants

Our products is a specially formulated dust that uses natural ingredients to effectively repel snakes near living areas. The product poses no threat to children or pets, and yet contains active ingredients that snakes find unpleasant. When snakes come into contact with Snake Out in the air, an escape and or avoidance reaction is triggered so the snakes are actually repelled away from the product. Apply a barrier of Snake Out at least a foot wide on the inside crawlspace foundation walls and into cracks, holes and entry points into the structure. Snake Out can also be applied under covered porches, outbuilding and sheds where snakes may harbor.